Club Singapore at the University of Pennsylvania

DiaS’pura was an event hosted by Club Singapore at the University of Pennsylvania in March 2007.

The official website included pages with pictures and biographies of our speakers, as well as a registration form for interested parties to sign up for our event. We had over 150 registrants over a three-month period. The website was created using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. The red-and-blue color scheme was adopted in homage to the LOVE sculpture that sits in the heart of Locust Walk at the University of Pennsylvania.

I created the DiaS’pura logo using Adobe Illustrator. The name of the event came about as an amalgamation of the words diaspora and Singapura (Singapore is often referred to as S’pore in shorthand, and Singapore in Malay is Singapura = S’pura). The lionhead symbol that stands in as an apostrophe is ubiquitous in Singapore.

The poster for the musical was created in Illustrator. The LOVE sculpture logo was designed by Yaoxiang Choong.

website, Graphic Design