Anyone and Everyone

I like to dabble in videos in my limited spare time. Here are some of the videos that I’ve done over the past 4 years or so. By no means professional or even color-graded, but this is a life-long hobby I’ll be trying to improve on.

One of the videos, Absolute Reality, was actually screened at an event at Zouk in Singapore as part of a US universities student party. It started as a personal project to document the lives of Penn Singaporeans, and was never actually completed.

I did a music video for PennYo, the Chinese acapella group at Penn. It was my first experience with the Panasonic DVX-100b and Final Cut Pro, and a good first learning experience at directing, and in general, just having (or lacking) a vision. I cringe when I watch this video, because the colors are just all over the place and I remember how I forgot to charge the camcorder batteries before stepping out to film.

I also did a video on the life of Jean Moulin, the World War 2 French Resistance fighter, for a project while I was studying in France. I used surviving monuments and locations to tell the story of his heroic deeds and martyrdom. This documentary project was my life for two whole weeks as I intensively researched the history of Lyon, and I interviewed and became friends with an actual member of La Resistance. Needless to say, I got an A for this class.